We Move Forward When We Move Together

Published on March 26, 2020 by Autumn Rise Foundation, Inc. in ARF Blogs

The hypocrisy that exist in feminism holds back the progression of the women’s movement.

As women, we know best that some of the most important things we have accomplished, were accomplished as a collective effort with the support of other women. They say behind every strong woman, is another strong woman rooting for her. With this notion in mind, the strides that have been made throughout the women’s movement would not have been a success without women coming together to present a united front on what was wanted…demanded.

One of the most frustrating things about the fight in the women’s movement, is the concept of having your cake and eating it too. Equality among all races and genders is strongly fought for, but there are still many of us who want to keep particular gender roles as they are when it’s convenient. I’m not talking about light issues such as the expectation for men to pay for the first dates in the name of “chivalry”; I mean the big girl issues. One major example is the draft. The draft is basically a measure placed by Congress and the President which makes it possible for them to call upon citizens to serve in the military should all volunteer servicemen not be sufficient in a national emergency or war. In the U.S. nearly every man who is a citizen or immigrant must register for the Selective Service between the ages of 18-25. There are whispers in light of the feminist movement that this should open up for women as well, however most are reluctant to engage in that conversation.

It doesn’t stop there. Intersectional feminism and womanism both bring to light that equality would also mean defending the disabled and all the accommodations they are entitled to as well as cultural sensitivity. The hypocrisy that exist in feminism holds back the progression of the women’s movement. Just as we saw with the #MeToo movement, as well as several historical movements, power lies in numbers and we must always present a unified front on issues. All issues that affect one woman can affect another women with a different cultural or religious background.



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