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Published on April 23, 2020 by Autumn Rise Foundation, Inc. in ARF Blogs

Recognizing when you aren’t okay is the first step for everyone in order to take control of your mental health.

I am once again asking you to be honest with yourself. How are you managing your mental health in this climate? The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on many people around the world on several levels. If you live in New York State, odds are you know at least 1 person who has contracted the coronavirus. The stress of social distancing for an indefinite amount of time, a potentially unstable economy and healthcare system, feeling unease about bills, concerns for friends and family, and then managing yourself…it’s too much. Let’s take a breath and assess how well YOU are doing. How do you typically deal with stress? Do you go to therapy? Do you distract yourself with hobbies? Do you meditate? Do you take medication? Do you pray or seek religious counsel? Do you just say to yourself “it be like that sometimes” and life goes on? Do you do a combination of these things?

There are a number of different ways people choose to cope with extremely stressful situations and environments. For every person, there isn’t necessarily one valid answer to cope with stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental health concern. The important thing to note is to recognize when you are not behaving as the person you are used to being and when your thoughts to yourself are becoming increasingly negative. You may have to adjust to the way you are handling stress even though all other methods have worked just fine for you in the past. If all stressors aren’t created equal, then all methods of coping cannot be universally applied.

Take a moment to really assess where you are mentally and consider everything that is happening around you. If you haven’t noticed too great of a change in your mental state between now and last December, then you may very well be just fine with your ability to cope with this new strange world we are living in. If you are not okay, I cannot stress how important it is to recognize that your go-to coping mechanism is not working and you have to try something else. Recognizing when you aren’t okay is the first step for everyone in order to take control of your mental health. The next steps you take to not only manage your mental health, but take control over it are crucial to your wellbeing.

Written By: Michelle Koduah, CMO

Autumn Rise Foundation, Inc.


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