Healing Is Not Passive: Healing Takes Work

Published on September 22, 2020 by Autumn Rise Foundation, Inc. in ARF Blogs

Challenge yourself to approach your stressors with the intention to be open rather than an ingrained reaction.

Throughout this month we’ve covered the different forms of healing. Though people know healing yourself is important, I think most people neglect healing for themselves as much as they neglect their own mental health. Doing the work to heal ourselves is necessary on the journey to achieve peace and acceptance of who we are, what we contribute to the people in our lives, as well as allows us to better understand the influence of our past on our future. Two important components to consider are the ability to manage stressors in our lives and analyzing our responses to our stressors.

Our first step for any healing would be acknowledgment of a specific change you want to make. Consider whether or not this change falls into the category of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing and then go from there. I believe physical healing almost always requires you to minimize exposure to your stressors as much as possible or find healthy outlets to release your stress. In some cases physical healing may require taking medication, eating better, and allotting your body the time it needs to focus its energy on healing itself. I believe emotional healing forces you to assess your behavioral response to your stressors and challenge yourself to approach your stressors with the intention to be open rather than an ingrained reaction. Spiritual healing is not an area I have explored yet, but I am curious to learn the benefits it provides for people. Spiritual healing does not only lie in the faith you possess.

There’s a saying in the corporate world: there’s always more room for growth. That same logic should apply to your well-being: there’s always more room for healing. Everyone can identify the very large growth areas they would like to address because they are noticeably toxic, but there are smaller growth areas that you might discover on your healing journey. Take some time after reading this post to speak to your loved ones candidly about one another and different growth areas you may notice in each other.

Written By: Michelle Koduah, CMO

Autumn Rise Foundation, Inc.


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