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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Published on January 26, 2020 by Autumn Rise Foundation, Inc. in ARF Blogs

I think we can all agree that last year, we came in with a plan, we had the drive to execute this well-crafted plan with attainable goals, and…the whole world just stopped…literally. Many of us were on lockdown for weeks at a time, and the life we knew slipped away from us. There is one thing that we did well in spite of all the chaos and waves of changes. We adapted. Many people shifted to remote work, we made internet access more widely available, and remote learning and remote events have taken over. Adaptability is the thing that keeps us on top and makes us relevant and successful; I’m sure any successful person or corporation you can think of will agree.

So what does this mean for you this year? It means that your plan may not go according to the exact form you’ve mapped out, but if life throws you a curveball (or lethal and contagious virus) in what way can you shift your plan to suit the new life you have to fit into? Does this mean extending the timeline for your goals so you can take a moment to slow down and take care of yourself and others? Does this mean speeding up your timeline so you can finish all the tasks to meet your bottom line? Does this mean thinking of a new and creative way to complete every task you have for your goals? Perhaps you did not need that one person or one thing you thought you needed in order to accomplish what you’ve envisioned. It’ll be up to you to make the best decisions for yourself here.

If nothing else, 2020 has taught us one thing: the world is able to adapt and you can change with it. Productivity is nothing without the foundations to keep it moving; health is one of those foundations. This year whilst you plan your moves, have a flexible mindset to adjust to the curveballs life can throw at you. 2021 is the year to turn your game on.

Written By: Michelle Koduah, CMO

Autumn Rise Foundation, Inc.

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